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Ignatius Fortuna

Fortuna, Ignatius (unknown-1789) Contributor: Heike Raphael-Hernandez Contributor Heike Raphael-Hernandez (First published in Encyclopedia of Blacks in European history and culture (2008) Ed. Eric Marlone, ABC-CLIO Inc. Re-published here with permission of ABC-CLIO Inc.) Biography Further Reading Ignatius Fortuna was a black servant in Germany to Franziska Christina von Pfalz-Sulzbach, the lady abbess of a convent  Continue Reading »

Sasha Huber

  SASHA HUBER, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND 1975– Written by Taava Koskinen Sasha Huber was born in 1975 in Zurich, Switzerland as the daughter of a Haitian mother and Swiss father. Her grandfather Georges Remponeau had immigrated to New York with his family ten years earlier to protect them from the tightening grip of Francois Duvalier, the  Continue Reading »

Blaka Lola (Nicolina E.C. Sant)

Contributor: Aspha Bijnaar With thanks to Frank Wijdenbosch Blaka Lola (Paramaribo 20 July 1909 – Paramaribo 28 April 1990) Sometime in the 1970s, Frank Wijdenbosch and his brother were walking in the red light district. His brother wanted to show Frank the red light district of Amsterdam. And suddenly there she was! A large black  Continue Reading »