Unity Verified Solutions Program to Boost Crypto Gaming

• Unity has included 13 top Web3 crypto gaming companies in its Verified Solutions Program (VSP).
• The new frontier of crypto gaming is growing rapidly and Unity is positioned to take advantage of it.
• Altura provides infrastructure for Web3 and is one of the crypto projects chosen by Unity.

Unity’s Verified Solutions Program

World-leading 3D content creator Unity has included 13 top Web3 crypto gaming companies in its Verified Solutions Program (VSP). This program comprises an ecosystem of trusted third-party SDKs, plug-ins, and editor applications that are closely aligned with Unity to ensure their latest releases are verified for productivity, performance, and usability.

The Growing Crypto Gaming Industry

The crypto industry is quickly becoming the newest and fastest-growing asset class globally. There are those who still talk of the crypto industry going to zero but with the talent, entrepreneurialism, and resources behind this sector as well as niches such as gaming, DeFi, and metaverse it is far more likely to bolster its position.

Unity Well Positioned for Growth

Unity is a behemoth of a company at the top of the gaming industry with 3.9 billion monthly active users and 5 billion game downloads in 2021. The number of creators increased 31% last year while 18 months after the peak of the pandemic people playing games still up by more than 50%. It was only natural that they would get involved with this emerging space now dubbed ‘the new frontier’.

Altura Offers Infrastructure For Web3

One company chosen by Unity was Altura which provides everything needed to build, scale and monetise Web3 gaming through its platform. Developers can use their powerful API and SDKs to build on any blockchain while players will benefit from decentralized gaming options made more accessible through this collaboration between Altura and Unity. Majd Hailat founder of Altura said: “We believe that decentralization will revolutionize the gaming industry, and we are excited to lead this movement… Our collaboration with Unity represents a major stride towards that goal“.


Crypto technology continues to make waves across various industries including gaming which has seen numerous advancements thanks to these innovations. With huge players like Unity getting involved in this space it looks like things will only continue moving forward at breakneck speed!